Employers are kindly requested to contact the HRDC on for any information they would need with regards to any change in the current NPF Registration Number during the Financial Year

Communiqué on Course fees for Non-Award Courses:
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In view of ensuring consistency in documents submitted by Employers and smooth processing of G3 applications, EMPLOYERS including REGISTERED TRAINING CENTRES contributing to the HRDC Training Levy are kindly requested to adhere to the contents of the Invoice and Receipt as required by HRDC for the purpose of claiming for partial refund of training cost and which is effective as from the start of the Financial Year 2019-2020 and applicable for all courses ending 1st July 2019 and onwards.
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Welcome to HRDC’s online training grant which will enable you to submit your grant applications G1 and G3 online as well as providing you with the following:
Uploading of all relevant documents to be submitted with the G3 application for refund.
Managing your annual grant ceiling allocated by HRDC.
Viewing the status of all your online G1 and G3 applications.
Employers are reminded of the following:
Eligibility for grant refund is subject to:
  • (i) Contribution of the Training Levy
  • (ii) Sponsored employee following the course should be on the payroll of the employer and paying the training levy
  • (iii) Courses should have the prior approval of MQA/TEC
The Financial Year ends on 30th June.
Annual Grant Ceiling is based on Levy Contributed for the previous Financial Year ended 30th June.
Online G1 application should be submitted at least three (3) working days before the start of the course.

Deadline for submission of application for refund:

For all courses ending in the period Deadline for Submission of applications for grant refund
1 July
To 31 December

3 months after 31 December

Extended to 15 April of the following year
1 January
To 30 June

3 months after 30 June

Extended to 15 October of the same year